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The Open Bar site is the property of Open Bar SA, registered in the Geneva trade register since March 15, 2018.
The site & functionalities
It remains the property of Open Bar SA.
Value-added tax
  • Open Bar SA is subject to VAT.
  • Individual identification number: CHE-454.707.456
Prohibition of sale to minors:
In accordance with article Art.13681 CP of Swiss law, the sale of spirits, aperitifs, and alcopops in quantity to endanger health is prohibited to persons under 18 years old (18 years). The sale of wines, ciders and beers is prohibited to persons under sixteen (16 years old). The buyer undertakes to certify that he has the minimum legal age required.Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Know how to consume and enjoy in moderation.
This site is a protected work, as well as the brand Open Bar ®, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Trademarks and Indications of Source (RS 232.11) of August 28, 1992, concerning the legal protection of databases. Open Bar owns all or part of the databases that make up this site. The latter remains the exclusive property of Open Bar.
All data on this site (text, images, graphics, logos, icons...) are protected by copyright. The total or partial copy, the exploitation, and the diffusion of the elements, texts, illustrations, models, logos, for any reason whatsoever are prohibited or must be the object of a preliminary request. Anyone who does not respect this right incurs the penalties relating to the offense of counterfeiting.
Data protection and confidentiality
By registering on the site, the customer agrees that the personal data are recorded and used so that he receives information via various communication channels (e-mail, post, telephone).
Some personal data is collected to better meet the demands of customers. This information is intended exclusively for the Open Bar Group.
The information collected from the users of the site concerns but not limited to:
  • The URL and the links that allowed the user to access the site,
  • The ISP of the user,
  • The IP address of the user.
  • The data collected from the buyers are:
  • Personal data relating to the identity of the buyer,
  • Information about the delivery address,
  • The information relating to the billing address.
The banking information provided for online payment is neither stored nor visible on the Internet. They do not transit through the Open Bar site.
Open Bar reserves the right to make statistical studies on the use and typology of users of this site, subject to the anonymity of buyers.
Right to rectify nominative information collected
In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act RS 235.1 of 19 June 1992 *, the personal information provided by the customer may give rise to the exercise of the right of access, rectification, and deletion of personal data. To exercise this right, the customer must make a written request to Open Bar. He must specify on his request his name or business name, postal and/or electronic.
* Http://
For additional information, please refer to the Privacy Policy section.